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Welcome to BONITO Buenos Aires Boutique Hotel, Montserrat.

Five beautiful rooms on the 3rd floor of a four-storey 1914 building located in the traditional neighbourhood of Montserrat. They are all equipped with their own private bathroom, minibar, split air conditioning system, jacuzzi or scotch douche, LCD TV, and safe. Our living-room, integrated with a bar, is ideal for relaxing and meeting, also open to cultural events, music seasons, film proyections, readings and private parties. Tasty and abundant breakfast service is offered, served at requested time.

BONITO Montserrat was reformed by Yanina’s partner Pablo Larramendy, along with Juan Maggi, from 7ymedioarquitectura merging unexpected architectural instances with the antique style of the building.
Each room is intervened by a different artist who reinterprets its essence by giving a unique value to it and inviting the guest to become a part of a singular micro-universe.



About us

If you find yourself here, it is not by chance. Most likely, our link was not the first of the list retrieved by your search, and you must have taken a few minutes to do some research on what there is beyond the usual. And, most likely, we have something in common…
We like to live our own experiences, we love to be fussed over, we like our room not to be the same as the one next door, we find pleasure in little details, we take care of what is ours and value what belongs to another, we don’t like to be lied to and overcharged, we’re not equally pleased with everything, we don’t need the walls to be at a 90 degrees angle if spaces are better shaped differently, we don’t usually do what others do, we prefer noble and pure shapes and objects to pretentious luxury, we appreciate art, we enjoy a good film, we somewhat avoid watching television so that we can peacefully read a good book before falling asleep or have a nice chat or simple hug the one we love.

So BONITO is inviting you to enjoy as much as we do. You’re invited to breathe and gaze out of the window into a distinctive view of Buenos Aires, to wrap yourself in a fluffy towel, to take your time to enjoy a tasty breakfast and have fun pouring water into a little cup with a little chair inside of it, to lay in the bathtub looking at the stars…

BONITO is managed by its owner Yanina Szalkowicz, a travel, art and culture lover.

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires. I love this city, its tireless activity, its immensity. Since I was very young I’ve had the good fortune to fulfill one of my dreams, which was to travel all over the world, wandering about different places and admiring their diverse cultures. The pleasure of being in contact with foreigners led me to create Bonito. This was also possible thanks to my mother’s support
I think it’s interesting to create from a less conventional perspective a pleasant and comfortable enviroment for the traveller by showing them the best and most pleasurable face of Buenos Aires.

Yanina Szalkowicz


BONITO Montserrat Architecture

The reform was made by 7ymedioarquitectura, being JuanPabloLarramendy and Juan Maggi in charge of the project. 

The goal was to achieve 5 spacious rooms, all of them with a private bathroom, plus a common living space. We accepted the challenge aiming to make a reform that would rise up to the spatial quality of the place and that would also improve it without modifying its original spirit, thus taking advantage of its great height to create a three-dimentional work and not just a plane project.
These are singular rooms, you can go round them. They are embedded one into another, giving each room a different scale, according to what its usage demands. The perception of the space as you go round it constantly changes thanks to the new shapes, directions and mezzanines that came up, and also because of the combination of slender lines and surfaces with the robustness of the original construction.

We preserved and revalued the spacial quality and beauty of a place built at the beginning of the century (1914), and also reformulated its functionality and reinterpreted its spaces.

When the project was in process, it was key to make the most of the spaces, to gain surface and live every cubic meter of the place. We arrived to unconventional mezzanines, that break and fit according to use and space needs. These were though over to result intelligent, fine and resistant, and not creating oppression or confinement atmospheres. On the contrary, they are meant to enhance spaciousness by generating two rooms (bed and living) within one. This way, we managed to have one room on top of the other thanks to the double height, empty in the living spaces and filled with closets in steady places where it’s not needed. The placing of the mezzanines takes care of itself as they fit each other as stairs. In one room, it builds the circulation around the bed and upper storing places. In another, it establishes the bathroom layout, setting its different heights due to the stair-like fitting, access height being lower and higher the ones within.

When it came to the required multi-use space, we managed to create an oblong, spacious, luminous and ventilated place, the opposite to what it was before, where the shared bathrooms, a room and the kitchen used to be. Another fundamental element when achieving this was the inclusion of the circulation gallery, which used to be partially indoor, fully indooring by completing with metalwork. This allowed the disappearance of the heavy doors that led to it before and the integration of both spaces. Woodwork, metalwork, the vitreaux were restored and all ceilings were replastered along with the reformulated rooms.


Pablo Larramendy

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BONITO Montserrat & San Telmo Contemporary Art.

see pictures of all interventions

A placed carried out with such dedication is stamped with its owners’ mark.
BONITO proposes a commitment to space.
Each room is tackled by a different artist who reinterprets its essence by giving it a unique value and inviting the guest to become a part of a singular micro-universe.
Instead of just hanging a picture on the wall, the idea was to merge the artwork with the new architecture, achieving full potential of its features, visual paths, colours and spaciousness.

The artistic side of BONITO is about being an alternative place for exhibition, available for argentinian artists to create freely within the concept of the hotel

“To coexist with art affects the mood, opens perspective to different experiences, provoques unusual sensations and inspires search and expresion.”

Every three months approximately we celebrate the presentation of a new room intervention. We take no reservations for that night so that the rooms are also party stage, available for our party guests can get to know them. Another excuse for partying is usually the introduction of projects that we find interesting, such as a fashion show of a new clothing brand, the launch of a new magazine, a live drawing workshop, live readings of a new book, a exclusive vintage clothing fair, live projections of different artists, etc. There’s always an interesting band that plays live and a live DJ set. Of course, bartending as well. And we draw lots for free stays at BONITO!

At BONITO Montserrat you will also find the 15 litros Art Gallery; concept by Fernanda Laguna and curated by Cecilia Szalkowicz.
These artist have already been a part of it: Gastón Pérsico / Ariel Mora / Juan Tessi / Verónica Romano / Paola Vega / Rodolfo Temperley.


Room #301:
Aja Leith

Invited artist:
Hernán Paganini


Room #302:
Kimber Benton

Invited artist:
Mariano Grassi


Room #303:
Jerrica Benton

Invited artist:
Juan Tessi


Room #304:
Shana Elmsford

Invited artist:
Mundo Dios


Room #305:
Carmen "Raya" Alonso

Invited artist:
Cecilia Szalkowicz



Yanina Szalkowicz

7ymedio Arquitectura
Pablo Larramendy +54 11 (15) 5961 7989

#01 DGPH
#02 Juan Sebastián Bruno
#03 Juliana Iriart
#04 Anabella Pappa
#05 Cecilia Szalkowicz
#06 Mundo Dios
#07 Juan Tessi
#08 Hernán Paganini
#09 Mariano Grassi
#10 Irana Douer
#11 Geraldine de San Bruno (Cherry)
#12 Daniel Joglar
#13 Pablo Cabrera
#14 Ariel Mora
#15 Dani Umpi
#16 Yanina Szalkowicz

Guadalupe Gaona, Yanina Szalkowicz, Juan H. Maggi

15 Litros' Art Gallery curation:
Cecilia Szalkowicz

Web design:





  #301 - Aja Leith
Double – higher standard suite.

Double sommier bed or two single beds.
Jacuzzi with capacity for two people.
32 inches LCD Tv
Large windows with a view, plenty of natural light, and a balcony.
Double-height ceilings.
Air conditioner (cool/heat).

Spaciousness and luminosity
in a big room.

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invited artist
Hernán Paganini
  #302 - Kimber Benton
Twin - executive suite.

Two single beds.
Scotch douche.
32 inches LCD Tv
Large windows with a view, plenty of
natural light.
Double-height ceilings.
Air conditioner (cool/heat)

The shape according to the spa.

1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5 · 6 · 7 · 8 · 9 · 10 · 11

invited artist
Mariano Grassi

#303 - Jerrica Benton
Double - deluxe suite.

Queen size bed.
Sitting room.
Bathtub with jacuzzi system.
22 inches LCD Tv
Large windows with a view, plenty of
natural light.
Double-height ceilings.
Air conditioner (cool/heat).
Microwave oven.
Optional additional bed.

A beautiful corner with large windows,
two rooms.

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invited artist
Juan Tessi
  #304 - Shana Elmsford
Double - standard suite.

Queen size bed.
Scotch douche.
32 inches LCD Tv
Large windows with a view, plenty of
natural light, and a balcony.
Double-height ceilings.
Air conditioner (cool/heat).

Simplicity and warmth, pure lines.

1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5 · 6 · 7· 8 · 9 · 10 · 11

invited artist
Mundo Dios
  #305 - Carmen “Raya” Alonso
Double - deluxe suite.

Queen size bed.
Sitting room.
Bathtub with jacuzzi system.
32 inches LCD Tv
Large windows with a view, plenty of
natural light.
Double-height ceilings.
Air conditioner (cool/heat).
Double wardrobe.
Wine cellar.

Optional additional bed.

Two rooms in a shared space.

1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5 · 6 · 7 · 8 · 9 · 10 · 11 · 12 · 13

invited artist
Cecilia Szalkowicz

1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5 · 6 · 7 · 8 · 9 · 10 · 11 · 12 · 13 · 14

The rate includes the following services
Special, tasty and abundant breakfast
TV + DVD player (in the shared living room)
Local phone calls
Tourist and cultural advising
Luggage depot
Bilingual staff
Percale sheets (200 threads)
Amenities personales
Daily cleaning
Cradle for babies
Medical Emergencies

Additional services
Massage sessions
Taxi service
Additional bed for U$S 30

Tourist services
Football matches
Tango events (dinner & show)
Tango lessons
Spanish lessons
Traditional city tourAlternative city tour
Day excursions: Tigre - Areco - Colonia
Contact with reliable travel agency
Massage sessions
Transportation from and to the airport




Medical Emergencies

International Health Services Argentina S.A. – Emergencias S.A division, provides the following services at Hotel Bonito:

Protected Area
The Protected Area cover is provided within the Hotel exclusively, being effective before accidents and/or medical emergencies (cases in which life is at impending risk and/or situations that may endanger it), protecting every person at the specified location and in charge of the transfer, if necessary, to the corresponding sanatorium, clinic or hospital.

Visitor Card
On-site cover for emergencies and odontology assistance, 24/7 -as long as the person in need remains within Buenos Aires-.



Massage sessions

Relax Massage:
1 hour relax masaje or decontracting +  foot and hands reflexology.








Dinner Tango Show
The best way to live the Tango Experience in all its glory. Deep in the heart Buenos Aires , the Venue has absolutely everything to give to its guests:

• Ample reception area with a traditional themed bar.
• A great Dining Hall that can comfortable sit 500 guests and is profusely decorated by paintings and has beautiful balconies on the first floor.
• A professional dance floor and stage where renowned Tango artists make their appearance.
• The best Argentine and International cuisine with a great variety of delicious options. Special food regimes and diets are gladly welcome.
• 27,000 sq. ft. devoted completely to the Tango.
• Excellent quality of service for our guests, helpful staff and the best cuisine.
• First rate helpful staff, waiters and waitresses with knowledge of English, French, Italian and Portuguese.
• Air conditioning




Buenos Aires City Tour
Visit the most famous parts of Buenos Aires. Plaza de Mayo, San Telmo, La
Boca, Puerto Madero, Plaza San Martin, Palermo and Recoleta.

Day at the farm Tour
Visit San Antonio de Areco. You’ll then be welcomed by the owner of an
estancia, where you’ll spend an exclusive farm day, including horse and
carriage rides, and an invitation to enjoy “empanadas” (meat pastries),
Argentine wines, and an “asado” (barbecue).

Tigre Delta Tour
Board a modern motor boat and sail from Puerto Madero along the coast of the
Rio de la Plata and submerge yourself in the exotic, wild, and colorful
delta, where you can see how natural life flourishes along with the life of
the islands.

Another options:
Jewish Life in Argentina
Evita and the Peronism
Art and Museums
Sail-Boat in Puerto Madero



Consult about weekly and monthly rates promotions.

Make your online reservation

Rates include: tasty and abundant breakfast, Wi-Fi, daily cleaning and Taxes.

The additional bed is available for U$D 30.

Check in: 13.00 hs. Check out: 11.00 hs.

Payments are made in cash (pesos or dollars) or by credit card: Visa - American Express - Master Card.


Payment methods and Cancellation policies:

The reservations are guaranteed with the payment for one night by credit card; we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. The reservations are made by filling in the form available on our website at the Make your online reservation link.

Ours is a very safe and reliable booking system. Once your reservation is confirmed, the deposit WILL NOT BE REFUNDED, it can only be transferred to another booked date.

Cancellations of 1-3 nights must be notified within 48 hours prior to the arrival date. Cancellations of 4 or more nights must be notified at least one week prior to the arrival date. If notification is not received in proper timing and up to 72 HOURS PRIOR TO ARRIVAL, %30 of the total of your booking will be charged to your credit card.

In case of NO SHOW for stays of 4 or more nights, %30 of the total of your booking will be charged to your credit card.

BONITO is on the third floor of an old building located in the traditional neighbourhood of Montserrat, an oasis rather close to the main attractions of the city, giving you the chance to enjoy a family and authentic rea of Buenos Aires as well, with bars, restaurants and shops of its own.

You’ll be nearby 9 de Julio Ave. and from San Telmo, with its art galleries, antique markets, museums and tango halls; a few blocks from the well-known “Mercado de las Pulgas” (“Flea Market”); close to Corrientes Ave., “the one that never sleeps”, with its Obelisco and theatres; and a few blocks away from the historical Plaza de Mayo. The sophisticated Puerto Madero, a nightlife must, is also a few minutes away from BONITO.

When it comes to public transport, BONITO’s location makes it’s very easy to reach any point of the city, thanks to numerous buses and subways (subways C and E are 5 blocks).



pictures · previous events

Gran Inauguración BONITO San Telmo!
Viernes 18 de noviembre 19 hs.
hasta medianoche

Intervenciones #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16
#306 - Gretl / Artista: Dani Umpi
#307 - Brigitta / Artista: Pablo Cabrera
#308 - Martha / Artista: Irana Douer
#309 - Kurt / Artista: Ariel Mora
#310 - Friedrich / Artista: Daniel Joglar
#311 - Louisa / Artista: Yanina Szalkowicz
#312 - Liesl / Artista: Geraldine de San Bruno
+ Presentación Ácido Surtido #23, LIBRE
+ Libro de Ruby a la venta, "Ruby: Otherworldliness"
+ Show acústico, Warning with the Snake
+ Set electrónico Aldo Benitez
Musicalizan: Latina Turner y Dj Juan Domingo

Art Intervention #09
Tuesday, december 21st, 2010
Room #302 - Kimber Benton by:
* Courtesy of Abate Gallery +DAG DAG
Workshop: masks for children, by Sol Marinucci and Lala Ladcani
+LIVE: SIMA (home format)
Isol / Zypce feat. Pablo Chimenti and Nico Cecinini.
+Toys and Books exhibition:
+'15 litros' Art Gallery opening
KOM products
with great holidays deals
+Music: DJ Cero + DJ Mika Vainio!!!

Art Intervention #08
Saturday 30th, October
20:00 till midnight
+ Intervention #08 by Hernán Paganini
Room #301 - Aja Leith
+ '15 litros' Art Gallery Opening:
Paola Vega
+ Introduction: Atypica magazine #39
+ Doopler Studio feat. Wooden Boys
Music: ABducidos

Art Intervention #07
Sunday. 27th June, 2010
19hs. Up to midnight.

+Intervention #07
Room #303 – Jerrica Benton
*By Galería Braga Menéndez
+ Opening 15 litros Mariela Scafati Art Gallery
+Vittorita Antique Clothes Presentation +ARSENAL Fireworks Showing.


Chile 1507 piso 3,
Montserrat (1100),
Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

T. +4381 2162
C. +153 690 4747

Calls from abroad:
T.+ 54 11 4381 2162
C+ 54 911 3690 4747


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